Private Loan

It is Pratically impossible for a foreigner moving to Costa Rica to obtain a bank loan in Costa Rica, for a multitude of reasons. These are just some of the reasons why we regularly receive requests. These are made by clients of law firms or notaries public, professionals specialized in this sector of activity acting as intermediaries.

Made-to-Measure financing solutions are then offered to borrowers by private investors, intermediaries and investment funds.


Crespo Agency acts Exclusively as an intermediary and does not handle any funds.


There are several possible forms of real estate investment in Costa Rica.
Depending on the investor’s profile, skills and budget, CRESPO-AGENCY. com carries out searches on your behalf, to find you the right property(ies).
Residential property, such as an apartment or villa for oneself, with a view to resale.
Rental property for short-, medium- or long-term rental activities.
Commercial property, shopping centers, premises or offices.
Tourism-oriented resort property such as bars, restaurants, hotels, Airbnb.
The last is real estate development, which involves buying land to build house(s), villa(s) or condominiums for sale or rent.
An exclusive search mandate is drawn up.

Real estate

Depending on your criteria, puts its network of experts at your disposal to help you sell your property in the best possible conditions.
A market survey of the area is carried out to determine the most appropriate selling price.
Once this is fixed, an agreement is signed between the sellers and Sebastien Crespo.
Exclusive contracts are favored so that we can invest and share without interference with all the real estate agent networks in Costa Rica.
As a result, you have just one contact, so you don’t have to repeat all the information you want to share with every person who contacts you.
You’ll receive a list of sites, networks, groups and contacts, as well as regular reports so that we can analyze the results together and make any necessary changes.
It’s a partnership in common interest.

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